Why Choose NextGenTech, LLC

NextGenTech, LLC has been providing award winning services to our clients for over 12 years. We have served a plethora of businesses and individuals within various industries. Most of our clients choose to stay with us and 50% of those who moved on to other agencies ended up coming back within the following 2 years.

What you get with NextGenTech, LLC:

  • All-in-one Agency – We can do it all. From Web Design to Marketing, Graphic Design to Consulting, NGT provides its clients’ with a one-stop shop experience. So, cut the cord from those other agencies and get everything you need from 1 source.
  • Service Tracking & Project Management – We use a few different tools to provide our clients with the ability to track and manage any and all work being done for them. We don’t like it when clients aren’t sure what they are getting for their money so we adopted platforms that allow them to get a live view of all work being done as well as completed projects and future/scheduled services. This allows our clients to be as involved or uninvolved as they desire. It also helps keep all information, files, and communication well organized and in one place.
  • Clear & Prompt Communication – You will have full access to the person completing your work. And we mean full. Contact them via email, phone, or even text message at any time of day. If they don’t instantly respond to you (which they do) it is only because they are sleeping or already on the phone with another client. You can also communicate with us via the above mentioned project management tools. You’ll be able to comment, message, critique, and contribute to everything via that platform.
  • RESULTS – NextGenTech, LLC exists because of all of the other agencies out there taking people’s money and not following through in the way the client imagined. Most of our clients have been retained after a consultation where we could pinpoint what wasn’t getting done for them and where their wasted money was going. We don’t expect you to just take our word on it though. Let us show you.

Interactive portfolio coming soon